RIP Hurricane Fleet Issue

I have a deep love for the Hurricane battlecruiser. It was the first ship I felt proud flying and my first ship that I really learned to fly well. As such, it is still my defacto PvP ship in W-space. I’ve since upgraded to Hurricane Fleet Issues because of my wormhole income. Really though, after the battlecruiser updates, the Hurricane Fleet Issue is retains the love I had to the pre-patch T1 Hurricane.

I’ve managed to keep one particular HFI alive for near 4 months of wormhole PvP. This is not because of any sort of need to keep it safe, but more likely from pure dumb luck. In fact, it’s been on almost all of my kill mails this winter. Well, long story short, it finally died.

I was hunting some industrials with my corp in a C1 in our chain when one of our scouts notices a Noctis flying around in an adjacent C4 wormhole. We know it is the home hole of the guys we have been popping and are thinking “how dumb can these guys be?” We decide it’s bait and decide to engage anyway. Turns out it was bait. The noctis survives and we have a fleet of T3’s with logi on us. Being the dumb Eve player I am, I was still in the C1 while my buddies were on the other side of the hole in C4. Turns out a HFI with it’s MWD turned on can’t leave a C1 :-P. Well, my fleet takes the hole back about the same time that I figure myself out. They warp off immediately and I get insta-pointed by the enemy fleet coming through. I know, I know. I should have GTFOed when the bait was revealed but I knew what I needed to do to get free.

I would jump through into their home C4. I could then wait for half of their fleet to polarized chasing me and jump back out. That would leave half of their fleet at the mercy of my fleetmates and I unless they too decided to jump back home. Seemed like a good idea.

I jump through into their C4 and hold cloak for a second to evaluate my surroundings. They have 2 ships on this side waiting for me but I’m not worried. I hear the hole activate behind me and decide to make my exit.  I turn and burn the last few meters back to the hole but as I do it activates several more times. And……the wormhole collapses……

half their fleet got back through into their home system and there I am a sitting duck in the middle of their fleet. I am quickly scrammed and I get to see if I can break their logi before I explode. I got a proteus neuted out and to 25% armor before hitting 0 hull. Another sacrifice to Bob. My pod escapes and I start bouncing between impromptu safe spots. Luckily, our scout was on the ball and scanned the new static while I was dying and we both made a quick getaway.

RIP Hurricane. RIP.



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