Know Who To Trust and Who not to Trust

Hello Reader,

Today I learned a lesson in EVE Online. A lesson that should be common sense but still took some learning in game. Lets do this one as a story:

Early this evening, my corporation was bat-phoned by one of our closest wormhole allies. They had scout in a C5 watching what looked like the beginnings of a capital escalation. We quickly summoned the few people we had online and set out across high sec to get to their wormhole.

Through voice comms we learned on our way there that another big wormhole alliance had been called in to have some fun as well. Apparently, one of our allies was good friends with someone in their fleet. So there we were all converging on an unsuspecting capital fleet when I have to go afk for a few minutes.  I return to find my auto-piloted Hurricane Fleet Issue sitting in the staging system just outside of their wormhole.

Listening on comms, I learn that the capital fleet never formed but the same unsuspecting corp had put together a marauder squad to tackle some C4 sites. I came back online just in time to hear jubilation as the last of the Marauders goes down. I decide to make my way to the hole anyway to see if there is anything else to shoot. I land on the high sec side of the hole when I hear cries of disbelief. Apparently the “friends” we had invited did not like arriving after the fight had already been had. Deciding to get some action, and knowing the approximate size and composition of our fleet, these guys turned on us and did some 1.7 billion isk in damages before going home.

In retrospect, it was a pretty dumb idea to invite these guys to the fight. It was also a pretty dumb idea to give them the entrance system to the chain. Finally, it was super dumb to start and finish the fight before they even got there. Let this be a lesson to those of you who are new to PvP or fleet commanding. If you invite guys to a fight and they come, they may fight who ever is there when they get there if there are no valid targets readily available.  We don’t know if this was their plan all along or if things went south when they found out they were late to the fight. Either way, a valuable lesson was learned and some fights were had. Luckily, the loot from the Marauder kills payed off our three losses.

Hope you enjoyed the report.



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