My Relationship with EVE Online

Dear Reader,

Let me tell you of my mistress. My wife knows of her and I’m sure she’s jealous. My mistress steals my attention at random hours and sometimes I disappear with her for entire evenings. It’s probably not a healthy relationship but it thrills me and suits me so I have fostered it. My mistress is EVE Online.

I play this game much more casually than many people I associate with in game. Yet, I still give this game a significant amount of my attention each day. This is saying something when you look at my married graduate student lifestyle. I don’t have a lot of extra time to give and this game takes most of it. I decided a while ago that I would record my exploits somewhere and I feel like this is the best method for doing. it. In addition to my one other major hobby (photography) this blog will cover the gambit of my EVE Online experiences and opinions. So shall we begin?


I have been living in deep wormholes space for coming on 6 months now.  The C5 group I live with is a fairly eclectic bunch. While none of us are guiltless when it comes to engaging in frequent WH PvE, we wouldn’t be living in W-space if we didn’t love the thrill of PvP that comes with living in this part of the galaxy. Regardless, when our wallets start to run low we have the requisite capitals, T3’s, and logistics to run full capital escalations until isk is bleeding from our eye sockets. A few days of this every few weeks seems to fuel our PvP and desire for shiny spaceships.

In the last week or so, however, it would seem that our PvE aspirations have started to run out. We started the year fine, even devoting a few weeks to solid PvE to get our wallets fat for a year of hunting. However, after a few expensive (cough Marauder cough) purchases and a shiny loss or two, I found myself in need of some more ISK.  Looking at a wallet with less than 30 Misk in it made me realize I wouldn’t be able to replace my loses the next time I got blown up and podded.  Seeing as the corp was all but through with cap escalations and running solo sites in higher level wormholes is not only dangerous but pretty stupid, I proceeded to high sec for a night of incursion running.

I will be the first to admit to my previous care bear status. In fact, you can still call me a care bear if you like. I engage in a lot more PvP than I used to but something about exploding NPC ships still has me hooked. Despite this, I think wormhole space may have cured me of my addiction to care bearing.

Last night, upon hooking up with The Valhalla Project, I ran through a number of HQ incursion sites with a fleet of just about 40 members. Being a veteran care bear, I had no problem procuring a maelstrom battleship with enough tank to survive in the heavily influenced incursion space. The specific incursion had just begun and Sansha damage was high and fleet buffs were low.  I could tell there were some stressful moments for my care bear buddies when the beefed up incursion rats almost broke a few tanks. Despite this added element of fun and the 250 million isk I walk away with after the evening, I could not help but to wonder if it had been worth my time.

I said earlier that I am a casual EVE player and this fact is primarily driven by the fact that I have a life outside of EVE. My time is EVE is a resource more valuable than the isk I make during that time. For this reason, I found myself wondering late last night, after shutting down the PC and going to bed, whether my evening of incursion running had been a productive use of my time. After deliberation on the matter, I realize now that it was most likely not. While I felt I needed the isk at the time, I could have gone on without it until the next batch of capital escalations, where I would have made the same isk in half the time. That would have left me more time to hunt spaceships. Now I don’t mean to say incursions are not fun but rather that I could have potentially had more fun somewhere else in EVE.

I’m still struggling with this issue as it has only been floating around my sorry head for a day or so now, but I hope some wandering EVE players will read this and let me know how they manage their time in game. This could equally be applied to PvP as well (was the 2-3 hour prep time worth the 1 hour fleet roam?).  I am not sure on this and I’m certain there are tons of different opinions.

So that, dear reader, is where my relationship currently stands.

Any suggestions?



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